Upscale Productions Rentals

Upscale Productions had been serving the Lake Charles area for over 20 years. With Upscale's knowledge and experience in the engineering and setup of audio, video, and lighting equipment, we know enough to deliver only the best to our customers. Whether it's for a wedding, a concert, or an outdoor festival, Upscale Productions will arrange a package deal that will ensure your event exceeds your expectations - and those of the audience! If you need backline equipment for your next event, we've got it - from small amps to full out concert gear.

Contact us for more information about equipment rental, sales, and installation.

We operate across the Gulf Coast in LA, TX, MS, and AL.

Package Deals on Sound & Lighting

If your needs include a complete performance venue setup, Upscale Productions will provide everything at a package price - and see that it is optimally arranged and ready to go.

Production Specialists

Established in 1988, Upscale Productions has become the premier event production company in the Lake Charles and Lafayette, LA areas. We operate across the Gulf Coast in LA, TX, MS, and AL. With more than 20 years of experience, we create astonishing displays, from audio and video rentals to lighting installation and stage rentals! We take pride in our work and strive to exceed each customers expectations. At Upscale Productions, you come first and we don't stay no to anything!

Trusted Professionals

When it comes to audio and video rentals, sound installation, stage rentals, and lighting installation it is important to use experienced professionals that have a proven track record of production excellence. From design to timing of video and lighting every aspect of your production is key and one mishap can spell disaster.

Service Offered

  • Audio and Video Rentals
  • Sound Installation
  • Lighting Installation
  • Roofing and Stage Rentals

Call for a Consultation

If you are planning your next big event, don't waste your time or money with the inexperienced. Give Upscale Productions a call for a consultation. We are located conveniently in Lafayette and Lake Charles, LA. We operate across the Gulf Coast in LA, TX, MS, and AL. We will make your special event the talk of the town! (337) 491-8900

Professional Equipment and the Best Engineers

Make your next event the talk of the season by calling on the production pros at Upscale!
Our services include:
Audio and Video Rentals
Roofing and Stage Rentals
Lighting Installation
Sound Installation

A/V, Lighting & Staging Rentals in Lake Charles & Lafayette, LA

We operate across the Gulf Coast in LA, TX, MS, and AL

We've built our business on providing the best in customer service, and we're always happy to answer your questions. Call us or send an email and we'll be pleased to help.